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Small but mightyWe are Jolora*, a web development studio based in the UK.

What do you do?

Our bespoke websites and applications are designed and built with a meticulous (some might even say unhealthy) level of care. We take the time to understand your organisation so that every pixel we place and line of code we write work towards achieving your goals.

Who is Jolora?

We're an accomplished team, led by husband and wife Joe and Laura Spurling. We've worked with clients of all sizes across the UK and elsewhere for 15 years.

Illustration of couple eating with one strand of pasta connecting via their mouths. The man's eyes are shut in pleasure whilst the woman's gaze lovingly at her partner. * Jolora, an amalgamation of “Joe” and “Laura". As insufferable loved-up teens we were given the namesake & it stuck.